Wednesday's Buzz Job

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Wednesday Harrington had thought this would be a glamour shoot. She thought it was odd when I asked her to strip off her clothes, but she did it anyway. Up onto the bed and the "glamour shoot" began.


I thought something was missing. Cuffs, that's what it was. And she agreed to the cuffs.


Not stopping there I gradually worked her up until she was pretty well restrained. She never complained or said anything... then again, she was gagged!


I decided it was time she got a treat for all this hard work. Her eyes went wide when she saw the Hitachi Wand in my hand. Oh, was she ever going to have a good time!


What she didn't know is that this vibrator had a slight alteration done by me... it was not just on/off and low/high speed, I had installed a dial that let me control the speed from off up to full blast. She later said that was the most evil device she'd ever seen!


I played with her, bringing her very close to the big O numerous times. Then I decided she deserved it, and played with the dial until she was on the edge, and I turned up the vibrator to the max. It was an incredible orgasm, the way she bucked and arched her back. She wold later tell me that it was one very intense orgasm that she'd had.


After the shoot was over, Wednesday mentioned to me that she was into the BDSM lifestyle... I wish I had known that in the beginning!

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